Stormy Lea Rigtrup

for Tahoma School Board 

As a former public school teacher I was on the front line each and every day. I worked very hard because I loved seeing children learn, and the pride they felt when they succeeded. I have found that this desire to see children accomplish something wonderful doesn’t end regardless of whether or not you are still teaching. You carry that love with you, which is what I did when I moved to Maple Valley.

As a fresh member of the community, I’m working hard to make a positive contribution and what better way to do that then with our amazing children. Although teaching is very different then administration they have to synergize together in order to create a healthy and productive learning environment.

My promise to each and every child, parent, community member and Tahoma School District employee is that if elected, I will not only bring my classroom experience with me, I will work diligently to understand every aspect of what makes a School District successful. I will bring a fresh mindset to the success and challenges that this District is facing. I will work to create a cohesive board that works together and with the community to continue to build a District that we can be proud of.