Campaign Issues



One of my favorite quotes is, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio Estrada.

As a public Title 1 school teacher, I worked with children from an array of backgrounds. Each child faced challenges but had limitless potential. I worked tirelessly to help them embrace this potential and turn it into reality. Often this meant teaching ESL, both Highly Capable and Special Needs, and offering one-on-one tutoring. I found that by identifying each student’s strengths, I was able to create a more cohesive classroom.

If elected, I will commit to using these same standards for each and every child of the Tahoma School District. I will view them as I viewed my own students that I taught. Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed volunteering hours each week in Tahoma School classrooms and can promise to take these experiences with me during all District related decisions. 


Tahoma is facing many classroom related challenges right now. Building capacity is at it’s fullest with every indication that growth is expected to continue. The academic success that our school district has acheived and enjoyed cannot be sustained without adequate resources like sufficient building space, reduced classroom size, providing Teacher Aides when needed, offering engaging curriculum, having up-to-date and reliable technology, giving ongoing training in mental health, special needs and highly capable needs and most importabt, a stable and supporting Tahoma School District Board and Superintendent.

Now more then ever, our School Board needs to focus on easing the transition of our Superintendent. Support needs to be extended to each and every exceptional teacher and staff member of the Tahoma School District. They are vital components to our children’s education




A community is only as healthy as the education system it is providing. So an investment in our youth now, is a solid investment in our future. But this cannot happen unless their is a trustworthy and transparent partnership between the School Board and the community.

Due to recent events, this partnership has been challenged. The School Board must prioritize rebuilding relationships with our community including taxpayers and small business owners. This will mean offering transparency with all Board related issues like spending, informative communication and expert budgeting. I am confident that if this is done, Tahoma can move forward in a productive and successful way.